Public intoxication, Conway Regional Medical Center, 2302 College Ave.

A man being treated at the hospital for injuries he sustained while intoxicated was less then helpful with officers when they were called to assist him. The officers were originally called to the hospital because the man was being combative with nurses in the emergency room. When the officers made contact with the man, they noted that he was "wearing urine soaked pants and appeared to have dried blood on his pants as well as fecal matter spread on his pant legs and back of his pants." The man told the officers that he had argued with a friend about his excessive drinking, which is why he was covered in dried blood. The man admitted that he had a drinking problem but stated that he was not "retarded drunk". The man’s daughter was contacted to see if she could look after him while he sobered up, but when she arrived at the hospital and saw the condition her father was in, she told the officers that she did not think she could handle the man on her own. He was then transported to the jail and in an effort to process the man at the Faulkner County Detention Center after his daughter refused to take custody of him, the man told the officers his phone number was "1-800 (filtered word) you."