Parishioners with the Four Winds Church have decided to take matters into their own hands as they try to outsmart a thief who seems to be able to get in and out of the church without being caught.

According to an incident report from the Conway Police Department, the stealthy suspect’s latest attempt was on Feb. 20 and left several church members confused and without a game camera that they had set up to help identify the suspect.

A man and his son were inside the church setting up the camera in a room where they believed the suspect has been gaining access to the church. Over the last several months, the church has been broken into several times with the suspect taking money from the safe and out of the office. While the pair were inside the church, they saw a man looking in the windows and doors of the church, so they decided to wait to see if the man tried to gain access to the building. The pair parked their vehicle so they could see the west and south side of the building and waited.

After several hours had passed, the pair entered the church again to find that not only had someone been inside the church, but they had also stolen the game camera.

After searching to determine how the suspect may have gained access to the church, the officer discovered that the glass doors on the east side of the building had been accessed with a knife or a screwdriver. The officer noted that since the church members hadn’t witnessed anyone getting inside the church, the suspect must have entered the building from the east side and left walking east or northeast to avoid being seen.

The pair gave the officer a description of the man they saw looking in the church’s windows prior to the break in. They described him as a white male between the ages of 16 - 18 years old. The suspect had no facial hair, weighed about 150 pounds and stood about six feet tall.

Officials with the Conway Police Department are asking for the community to help identify the suspect. Anyone with information about the thefts or the suspect is asked to contact investigators at 450-6130 or text a tip to 274637 (CRIMES), using keyword ‘Conway”.

(Candie Beck is a staff writer and can be reached at 505-1238 or at