Disorderly conduct, Plan B, 1024 Van Ronkle St.

Officers were on foot patrol in the area and were called to stand at the outside door of the business because other officers were inside the business dealing with patrons who refused to leave. A group of people came walking out and one of the men in the group was cursing loudly. His friend tried to tell him to be quiet because of the officer’s presence, but the suspect continued to shout obscenities. An officer asked the suspect to refrain from using profanities publicly and the suspect walked away from the officer. The officer grabbed his arm and the suspect pulled away from him. The officers then attempted to restrain him and an officer noted that the suspect "was still cussing and not doing what we told him to do," so he was warned that he would be tazed if he did not comply with their requests. The man continued to resist the officers and was warned one more time before he was tazed. He was handcuffed and placed inside a patrol unit to be transported to the Faulkner County Detention Center. The officer noted that the suspect was still cussing at that time.