Theft of services, JJ’s Grill, 1010 Main St.

Officers were dispatched the area around the business when employees reported that two men had just run from the area after leaving the restaurant without paying their $58 tab. An officer saw the suspects running on Markham Street and notified another unit of their whereabouts. Officers were able to apprehend one of the suspects without incident, however the other suspect continued running but finally turned and asked the officer why he was yelling at him. The officer noted that the suspect smelled strongly of intoxicants when he spoke with him. The officer explained that he had been advised that the suspect had run out on his tab at the restaurant. The suspect advised that his cousin worked at the restaurant and said that she would take care of the tab. The officers took the suspects back to the business and spoke with the suspect’s cousin. She stated that she was a distant relative with one of the suspects but had not seen him in years. She also stated that she did not tell him that she would cover his tab. The manager at the restaurant advised that the suspects had been ordering drinks and then tried to pay with a debit card that did not belong to them. The manager stated that the suspects were advised that the debit card would not be accepted as payment and the suspects stated a friend was going to bring them cash. The manager told the waitress to stop serving drinks to the suspects and they ordered some food while they waited for their friend. When the food arrived, one of the suspects got up and said he was going to go to his vehicle and the other suspect stood up, grabbed a handful of fries and they both ran from the business. The waitress who had been serving the suspects told the officers that the suspects had asked her for "cigarettes, Xanax, weed and other drugs." Both suspects were transported to the Faulkner County Detention Center for processing.