Public intoxication, 600 block of Fourth Ave.

An officer was dispatched to the area in reference to a man who had been banging on the doors and windows of his girlfriend’s home. A dispatch operator advised the officer that it was the second time for officers to be called to the address that night. Officers had responded to a domestic disturbance earlier but the suspect had fled from the area on foot. When the officer arrived, he found the suspect sitting on the curb, crying. The officer noted the man had a strong odor of intoxicants about him and his speech was slurred. The man stated that he had not caused a disturbance earlier but did admit that his girlfriend had been angry at him and had asked him to leave her house. When the officer made contact with the suspect’s girlfriend, she stated they had argued and since she was the only one listed on the lease for the house, she did not want the suspect there. The man stated that he didn’t have anyone in Conway who could help him and he had been walking to a gas station to contact someone in Pine Bluff to send him money so he could get out of Conway when the officer saw him. The suspect was arrested at that time and transported to the Faulkner County Detention Center for public intoxication. He was also given a written criminal trespass warning for his girlfriend’s home.