Failure to confine/unleashed altered dog, Conway Walking Trail, Salem Road.

An officer was called to the area by a woman who reported that as she was walking her dog, it was attacked by another dog that was not on a leash. The woman stated that the animal was being walked by a 12-year-old boy and it took several adults to pull the aggressive dog away from hers. The woman also stated that a witness to the incident advised that the same dog had attacked her daughter the month before. The officer made contact with the owner of the dog who stated that her son had been walking the dog when it slipped out of its collar. The woman also stated that she did not believe her animal was aggressive, “just playful”. The owner of the dog that was attacked stated that she would have her veterinarian check the dog and she would contact the officer when she knew the extent of the animal’s injuries. The owner of the aggressive dog was cited for failing to confine the animal.