A group of teenagers filed a complaint with the Conway Police Department after a man allegedly made comments that were sexual in nature to the male subjects in the group.

The police report stated that an initial conversation with the subject occurred a week prior to the filing of the report.

According to the report, the parties conversed briefly and "nothing seemed out of the ordinary."

When the group returned to the bowling alley the next week, the report stated, they were approached again by the same man.

The victims told police that the subject joined their game and was "showing interest" in two of the males.

"(The subject) helped (a victim) with his bowling and was standing behind him," the report stated.

The report stated that one victim told police he was uncomfortable with the closeness of the subject.

All stated that the subject made inappropriate statements about the teen he was advising, saying that he remarked on the boy's body.

The report stated that the boy gave the subject his phone number, "not thinking anything about it," and was contacted by the subject via telephone and Facebook.

The subject identified himself as "Keith," and was described as white, wearing glasses and 45 years old.