Assault on family or household member.

An officer was called to a residence in reference to a 17-year-old girl who had threatened her grandfather with a knife and then locked herself in a bedroom. When the officer arrived, he spoke with the grandfather who advised that the girl was in her bedroom with the door open. The girl was sitting on the floor and pushed a butter knife away from where she was. After the officer took the knife from out of her reach, the girl told the officer that she hated her grandfather and that they had gotten into an argument because he closed her bedroom door and she wanted it open. The girl stated that he closed the door several times but she kept opening it again. The girl stated that the last time her grandfather tried to close the door, she came to the door with the knife is her mouth but she denied threatening him with it. The girl’s grandfather advised that he was trying to sleep on the couch in the living room but the girl’s bedroom door was open and the light was on so he closed the door. After she opened the door several times, the man stated that the girl came out of her room with a knife in her hand and stated "I’ll stab you, you...". The man stated that he was afraid to go to sleep because he didn’t know what the girl might do to him. The girl admitted to threatening her grandfather when asked a second time. The officer noted that he spoke with the girl’s mother, who had been in the shower when the incident occurred. He advised the woman that her daughter would be issued a juvenile citation for assault on a family member. The officer also explained the juvenile citation process to the woman in the event the situation repeated itself.