Domestic battering, 3700 block of Jeanna Drive.

Officers were called to the area in reference to a domestic disturbance. They made contact with a man who stated that his girlfriend had come home from work and caught him with another woman and then destroyed their home. The officers noted that the man had a strong odor of intoxicants coming from his person and that inside the residence there was broken glass and water all over the floor. “It appeared that a fish tank had been knocked over, there were fish laying in the floor as well”. The officer asked the man where his girlfriend worked that would have her coming home at 5 a.m. and the man stated she had come from a club, not her job. When asked where the woman was, the man stated that she was “gone”. While speaking with the man, another officer was notified that the woman was at a home on College Avenue. When they made contact with her, she stated that she had come home from a club and found her front door kicked in and when she opened it, her boyfriend had grabbed her by the throat and threw her around the room. The officer noted that the woman’s clothes were almost torn off and that she had to tie  them together to keep them up. The woman stated that she has a child with the man but he had moved out of their home several weeks ago. While transporting the man to the Faulkner County Detention Center, he told the officer that the scratches and marks his girlfriend had on her were not from him but from an altercation she was involved in while she was at the club. The woman told the officer with her that she had only been in a verbal altercation. The officer later found out that the woman had lied and that she had been involved in a physical altercation but witnesses at the scene, stated that the injuries were from the suspect, not the altercation at the club. The man was arrested and charged with domestic battery in the third degree.