A Conway woman was scammed out of money by a man she thought was a bail bondsman, and the company he claimed to work for is helping look for him.

Conway police responded to a call from a woman Tuesday, who said on Monday, the suspect claimed to be from City Bail Bonds and needed to search her home for a man he was trying to locate. She allowed him to search the house, and during their conversation, he said he could help get her son out of jail if she helped him locate his subject.

The next night, the two met at the Faulkner County Dentention Center to exchange information. At that time, the victim handed the suspect $150 for bail services. He then sped off in a silver car.

Police talked to a witness, who was at her home when the suspect came over. He also gave her a ride to the detention center the next night. He provided the police with a phone number they had used to contact the suspect. When police called, they were able to leave a message. The suspect then called dispatch back, and when police were able to talk to him, he agreed to come to the detention center to clear up any confusion. The suspect never came to the center.

Police then contacted City Bail Bonds and spoke with the owner, who with the help of a co-owner, provided the name of the suspect linked to the phone number. A driver's license photo was found, and the woman confirmed that the suspect was the same one who took her money.

City Bail Bonds contacted the police to say that the suspect was out on bail himself and he was now considered a flight risk and his bond was being revoked. Once he was located, they said, he would be held in Perry County. City Bail Bonds told police they would contact them as soon as the suspect was jailed.