Conway police had to subdue a man with a taser who was reported to be wielding a sword around his girlfriend.

Police officers were called to an apartment because of a report of an armed man. When officers arrived, they could not locate the man but spoke with his roommate, who said that when he walked out of his room, the suspect was standing in the doorway of the residence with a sword in his hand. The suspect's girlfriend was hiding behind the couch.

At that point, the roommate said he called for police, and the suspect left the residence. When officers tried to speak with the girlfriend, she was extremely intoxicated and was uncooperative.

More officers arrived, and they began to search for the subject, who was found in the parking lot. He ignored the officers when first attempts were made to contact him. He then turned around and clinched his fists as if in a fighting stance. As the officer tried to gain control of his arms, the suspect resisted. After fighting several officers, the suspect was warned that a taser would be used on him. After ignoring repeated warnings and trying to kick and hit officers surrounding him, the suspect was tased.

When placed in the car, the suspect began kicking the door. Attempts to locate the sword were unsuccessful.

When officers tried to get statements from the girlfriend and the roommate, both were uncooperative, although the roommate did give a witness statement. The girlfriend, however, said that the officers were there to arrest her.

The suspect would not cooperate with a mug shot photo and was placed in a holding cell.