A repeat offender charged with public intoxication claimed that he was hunting down "Lucifer" with special handcuffs from God.

On March 31, a call was made to Conway Police about a disturbance at Hobby Lobby by an African American in a cowboy hat. When police arrived, the man was seen getting into the passenger seat of a silver car, and witnesses were claiming he had been in the store, cursing, yelling and screaming bible verses. In addition, he had been accused of breaking several items in the store.

The officer stopped the vehicle, and the man jumped out of the passenger side. After being told four times to get back in the car, he placed his hands on the roof of the vehicle and said, "You're going to have to come get me."

During the time the officer detained him, the suspect was alternating yelling out bible verses and cursing at the officer. After contact was made with the suspect's parole officer, it was determined that the suspect may not have a place to stay and that he might have committed a crime in order to go back to jail.

The suspect was uncooperative when attempting to take a mug shot or signing a ticket. He said he wanted to kill himself but he couldn't because of the bible.

Two weeks later, officers responded to a man in a cowboy hat who appeared to be intoxicated causing a disturbance in the neighborhood of Pine Street and Harrison Street. Police found the man wearing all black with a cowboy hat and carrying a black guitar case and a set of handcuffs. He was identified to be the man arrested two weeks prior, and he was shown to be intoxicated again. When police approached him, he said he began cursing and saying he had contact with the police before, and they needed to "do what you need to do."

When police began to detain him, they asked him why he had a set of handcuffs. He stated the handcuffs were given to him by God and he needed to "go get Lucifer" with them. Although he thanked the officers for taking him to jail, he continued to curse and shout out bible verses and religious topics.