Three men robbed the Dollar General Store on Sunday night during a storm that moved through the area.

The store manager said all three men were black and were wearing black ski masks, which were drenched from the rain.

The amount taken was not given yet, but the robbers were too impatient to wait for the store’s safe to open.

An employee was in the store at about 9:30 p.m. when he heard the front door open and a man come in holding a gun telling him the store was being robbed.

The employee moved back to the office where the assistant manager was counting money. He was followed by three skinny black men in ski masks. When the manager got up to see what the problem was, the men pushed her back into her chair and took money from her.

The men rushed the manager to the front of the store in order for her to open the safe. Since the safe is on a timer, the men grew impatient and demanded the money from the register instead.

The manager said once they took the money, they looked very nervous and all ran from the store.

The only description the manager and employee could give was that the men were tall, skinny and black with wet ski masks.