An after-prom party got out of hand, requiring eight Conway police officers to break up the mayhem.

Officers were called to the Faulkner County Natural Resource Conservation Center at about 3 a.m. Sunday morning in response to a report that an armed subject was at a party where several fights were breaking out. When the first officers arrived, they were approached by a large man wearing a black shirt reading "Security" on it. He said he had been trying to send people home and break up fights but with little success.

Many people were in the parking lot, but more were inside the building. Officers walked through the building telling those inside that the party was over and to go home. Officers observed numerous miniature alcohol bottles emptied and on the floor. One DJ said, "Man, I had to break up a lot of fights in here."

After clearing the crowd out of the building, other officers worked on getting everyone out of the parking lot. An officer was approached by a woman who said she rented out the center for her daughter to host an after-prom party, but she was unpleasant when the police told her of the severity of the event.

She said she was not aware that a call was placed concerning a mob of people fighting and someone armed with a gun. The police said they were called because security personnel had lost control of the situation and were asking for police assistance. It took eight officers to clear out the area.

Several officers observed alcohol and drug paraphernalia in the parking lot and more alcohol inside the building. The woman said the security officers searched everyone entering the building, but one security official said, "We can only control what goes on inside the building. The parking lot is on them."

No guns were found at the scene.