I’m probably on thin ice here, but I have an opinion about paying hundreds of dollars for a print of a painting that hundreds of others may own, painted and mass produced by someone I’ve never met.

I’m not in favor.

The passing of Thomas Kincade brought this on, of course.

His death brought many accolades for the millionaire artist. Most commented on his ability to "paint the light" and create a scene, either appealing to fantasy or a reminder of a place once visited.

My objection to spending money for drink coasters or calendars or other gift shop items is there are artists and craftsmen right here in this state, in this town, in these universities, who create lovely sculpture, art objects and paintings.

I have so many artist friends who are funny and clever and prolific and would be thrilled to sell one of their original works for way less than Kincade charged for his prints. What an encouragement to a local artist that would be.

And when the cause is just, it’s the hometown artists who are quick to donate a work of art, receiving nothing but thanks from the sponsoring organization or non-profit.

These fundraising auctions, silent and otherwise, present a good opportunity to see what works are being created and at what bargains. Art exhibits at the colleges provide another.

I guess this opinion makes me a snob of sorts. I’d rather think of myself as an arts booster, helping the local economy.

Here’s a message from Liz Parker, director of "Secrets of a Soccer Mom," opening tonight at the Lantern Theatre.

"Get those tickets to the smash, hit comedy "Secrets of a Soccer Mom" today!"

You can email ConwayLanternTheatre@gmail.com with your name, the number of tickets you want, and the performance date, or call 501-733-6220. Someone will return your call as soon as possible.

The play runs tonight, Friday, Saturday, April 26, 27, 28 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, April 29, at 2:30 pm.

The soccer moms are Libbi Whithurst, Cindy DeRosa and Ashley Carnahan.

"Secrets of a Soccer Mom" takes place during the annual Mother/Son soccer game and these three moms are determined to let the kids win....or are they?

"In the meantime, gossip runs amok and secrets are divulged amidst the comings and goings, on and off the field. This hilarious look at motherhood is a must-see for all moms...and dads!" Parker said.

Tickets are $12 each. Due to some sexual references, the play is suggested for ages 16 and older.

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