Drugs and a gun were found in a vehicle outside an apartment complex.

A call was made to the Conway police about an unknown vehicle parked outside some apartments with people in it. When police arrived, a maroon SUV had three people inside with two more people walking from the vehicle to the apartment.

When the officer approached the vehicle, the occupants said they were there to see relatives in one of the apartments. When the officer spoke with the woman in the driver's seat, she was unable to provide coherent answers. She provided her information to the officer, and she had a warrant for her arrest.

As the officer looked through the rear window, he could see marijuana in the back seat. The woman said she did not know about the drugs.

The man in the passenger side spoke with the officer and complied with a search of his person. The officer found a large wad of cash in the man's front pocket, and he said he had won the money shooting dice at a friend's house. He then said that the marijuana was his and he had been showing it to a friend. The man in the back seat said he had come outside to speak with his friends but did not know about the drugs.

The officer then searched the vehicle and found a loaded pistol, several small bags and a digital scale. Both men were handcuffed, and the first man said the gun was his. When the gun was run through ACIC, it was reported to be stolen. The first man and the woman were arrested.