A gunshot at an apartment complex left residents flustered and a bystander taken in on an old warrant.

Early Tuesday morning, Conway police were called to the Cedar Creek Apartments in reference to a shots fired call. The officer made contact with a woman who lives below where the shot was heard. She said she thought she heard someone falling to the floor afterward and someone running down the stairs and leaving in a vehicle.

The officer saw that ceiling dust flakes were all over her floor and that a hole was above the front door in the sheet rock where the bullet tore through the floor and wall.

Officers then contacted the resident of the apartment and another man staying there. They both said the shot came from a third man who was in the apartment earlier and who left. The resident said he let in his friend who was staying with him and another man who he did not know. The friend said the suspect, who drove him to the apartment, was paranoid that people were following him and that is why he had the gun. Neither could explain why the gun was out or why it went off.

The friend stated that after the gun went off, the suspect ran down the stairs and left in his vehicle. Both said the gun was not still in the apartment, and a search was completed without a gun being found.

After taking all information, police ran both the resident and friend's name through checks and found that the resident had an outstanding  fugitive warrant from the Greenbrier Police Department. He was taken into custody and transported to the Faulkner County Detention Center.