Among recent Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office reports:

•A woman in the 93 block of Carroll Road in Conway said a man with whom she clipped vehicle mirrors was harassing her through text messages in an attempt to extort money. The woman said she stopped following the minor incident to see if the man also would stop, but he didn’t. She told a deputy that she was able to adjust her mirror because there was no damage. As she was driving off, the man reportedly chased her down, called her a "stupid (filtered word)" and accused her of driving on the wrong side of the road before speeding off and almost hitting her vehicle. The woman said she has received several text messages from the man saying that if she did not give him $300, he would file hit and run charges against her. She said the man told her to get the money from an ex, and he said that if she could not pay cash, they could "work something else out." The deputy was unable to contact the man. The woman was advised of the warrant process and how to obtain an order of protection.

•An employee at Dollar General in the 379 block of Highway 65 North said someone stole a pink purse, two cell phones and a black girdle from her unlocked vehicle.

•A woman said her ex-boyfriend, who has not lived at her house since December, used a spare key to enter her residence in the 9 block of Treasure Hills Road in Conway while she was away from home. The woman said she believes he also was in the home while she was hospitalized recently. Items she reported missing from her home included 50 Xanax pills, 20 Demerol pills, a bottle of promethazine cough syrup, jars of money that she said were locked in her closet, her late father’s quilt and seven Precious Moments plates. The woman said she also believes her ex-boyfriend is involved in occult activities. She told a deputy that she believes he is contacting her again because of the recent death of her fiancé and that she is concerned for her safety. The woman sought an order of protection.

•A Vilonia woman in the 365 block of Stanley Road said a man who she was dating was sending her pictures of him burning her clothing. She said he also sent her some text messages stating that if she came to the residence to get her property, he would have a loaded shotgun waiting for her. She was advised of the warrant process.

•A Vilonia woman in the 900 block of Highway 36 said she received a text message boasting a closeout sale on "some cush." She told a deputy that she texted the number back and received another text claiming that the original message should have said "lush" and not "cush." The woman said she recently obtained the cell phone number and has since received several text messages relating to drug sales.

•A Mayflower man said his son came into his room and told him someone had shot the house in the 120 block of Highway 89 South. The child said he was awakened and found himself covered in white dust. He said he then noticed "a bunch of holes" in his bedroom wall, but remained in bed for a while before going to the restroom, where he noticed a broken mirror. A deputy counted 14 holes in an outside wall, 13 holes in an inside wall, one hole in a door frame with a pellet embedded, one hole in a dresser with a pellet embedded, eight holes on the front side of a bathroom door and six holes on the back side of the same bathroom door. The deputy said he asked the father if he had made anyone mad recently. The man said that earlier in the day he attempted to break up an altercation at a neighbor’s residence. Pictures were taken and a report was made, but no further action was taken at the time.

•An elderly woman in the 33 block of Elliott Road in Greenbrier reported several items missing from her home after she allowed a woman claiming to offer housekeeping services into the house to use the bathroom. The victim said a white female who introduced herself as Donna Davis said she was offering housekeeping services and asked the woman if she was in need of any cleaning assistance. The woman said she politely declined but allowed the woman to use the bathroom. The homeowner said the woman returned a week later asking to use the bathroom again. When she left the bathroom, the woman told the homeowner that she had left her glasses in the bathroom. The homeowner said the woman was in the bathroom quite a while before returning without her glasses, claiming she could not find them. She said the woman then entered her vehicle, appeared to be searching for something, claimed she had found her glasses and drove off. The homeowner said silver dollars she kept in the top dresser drawer of her bedroom were gone, along with coins that were in her jewelry box on top of the dresser.

She told a deputy that the suspect was driving a dark green four-door vehicle with a handicap tag hanging from the rearview mirror. She also reported that the woman claimed to live on Acklin Gap Road.