Two 14-year-old males were jailed Thursday on felony charges of second-degree battery for allegedly shooting two other juveniles in the eyes with BB guns.

Conway police located the victims, an 8-year-old male and his 13-year-old sister, near the St. Joseph Primary School playground in the 800 block of Fourth Street. The boy had blood "all over the front of his shirt" and a wound a quarter of an inch below his left eye, while his sister had "blood running down her face" from a wound an inch from her left eye, according to the police report.

The report stated that the brother and sister reportedly identified one of the suspects by name. Officers were led to the subject’s residence by a group of children who said they witnessed the incident.

The suspect, who returned home while police were searching the apartment, told officers that "the kids got in the way" while he was having a BB gun war. The suspect said he left the scene when he saw that the victims were injured.

The suspect identified the other male involved in the shooting and he was located a short time later at a nearby apartment complex. The second suspect also told police that the victims "walked into the line of fire."

The second suspect led officers to two BB guns that were discarded behind a building and in nearby trees.

The victims were transported by ambulance to Conway Regional Medical Center. Family members said Friday that both children had been released, and that the female victim underwent minor surgery to remove the pellet that was lodged beneath her eye.

Police said the first suspect was involved in an incident with a BB gun a week earlier and that officers "were forced to display their service weapons and treat him as a threat."

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