The next step in the new wastewater facility will be considered by the Conway City Council on Tuesday night when it looks at proposed ordinances for the issuance and sale of wastewater revenue improvement bonds.

The council had already approved raising wastewater rates over the next three years to pay for the new facility, which according to Conway Corporation is needed to fill the need of the growing area.

Rates will increase in three phases beginning this year. The increased funding would be used to repay a loan from the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission, fund bond issue payments, support the decommissioning of the 30-year-old Stone Dam Creek facility, pay for a new pumping station on the east side of the city and provide "routine" capital improvements for the new facility. The proposed facility would treat 16 million gallons of effluent per day.

In addition to the bonds for wastewater improvements, the council will consider:

• A resolution authorizing the execution, sale and delivery of sales and use tax capital improvement and refunding bonds, Series 2012 for the city.

• The purchase of a right of way for the Washington-Fleming-Clifton Street roundabout from various owners.

• An ordinance establishing standards for an urban agriculture policy for the City of Conway.

• An ordinance to rezone property located west of Warwick Hills Lane from A-1 to R-1.

• An ordinance appropriating insurance proceeds received for the Conway Sanitation Department.

• An ordinance appropriating funds from Parks Special Revenue account to the Parks Capital Budget Account for improvements and various equipment purchases within the department.

• An ordinance appropriating insurance proceeds received for the Information Technology Department.

• An ordinance appropriating and accepting reimbursement/grant funds from various entities for the city.

• An ordinance appropriating funds to replenish gasoline expenditure account for the Conway Animal Welfare Unit.

• An ordinance appropriating funding for civil service expenses for the Conway Police and Fire.

• Consideration to approve the monthly financial reporting ending February 31 & March 31, 2012.

• A resolution accepting a proposal for banking services for the City of Conway.

• Consideration of an event permit for the City of Conway.