An attempt to restrain a violent offender turned into a shocking moment for one Conway police officer as he was accidentally tased.

Police responded to the scene of a domestic dispute, and when officers arrived, one of the parties had already left the scene. The woman at the residence on College Avenue said she had a verbal fight with a man and went into the bedroom and locked the door. She said the man began kicking at the door, and when she opened it up, he pushed the door back, hitting her in the face.

She said the man then threw her on the bed but left her alone. As she began collecting her belongings, she went into his bedroom to get a piece of clothing and said he then tried to close her in the closet.

Once it calmed down again, the woman went to the kitchen to drink a glass of wine. She said the man grabbed the bottle of wine and threw it against the wall. He also threw a pie dish against the wall. She then went into the back yard to call her mother, and he took the bathroom door, which he had previously ripped off of the frame, and threw it outside, hitting her in the ankle.

As the woman was filling out her report, the man came back to the house. He said he was coming back to give the woman her car, and at that point police told him he was under arrest. He said he wanted to give his side of the story, but the officer said when they went outside to speak, the man became very angry and animated. At one point, the man said, "If I'm going to jail, you're not going to take me by yourself."

Officers were able to get one cuff on his right hand, but he pulled his arms around in order to not be handcuffed behind his back. The man was warned he would be tasered, and he countered that they would need to taser him to get him to cooperate. The first taser in his back did little effect, and a second one on his shoulder did not phase him either. The officer placed the cartridge and probes in her taser and shot at his back again, but one probe hit the other officer in the foot.

At that point, the man was subdued and gave the police no problems at the jail.