A simple citation for too much noise turned into an arrest after the offender became physical with Conway police officers.

Police were called to a residence on Locust Avenue Saturday night in response to several complaints of excessive noise. When officers arrived, loud music and voices could be heard from the street. One man told officers he lived at the house with two other men. When police first asked for him to please retrieve the other residents for them to speak, he said they were inside. When asked again, he said they were gone.

At that point, officers were able to detect that the man was intoxicated. They asked him how many times police had to be called out to his house, and he said, "A few." When the officer said that police had been to the house three times, the man said to give him a warning and he would make everybody go home.

At that point, the officer said he would not be able to give another warning but instead would have to give the man a citation. It was noted that a citation had already been written in March. The man said it was not fair for him to be cited without his roommates, but since they were not there, he was responsible for the party.

When the ticket was being written, the man began to ball up his fists and moved his body into the officer. He also began cursing, saying "F*** this" and What the f***?" Some other people at the residence began asking officers why they were messing with the man, but by that time he had been placed under arrest for disorderly conduct.