A police car chase took a turn into the front, side and back yard of a residence before the offender's vehicle stalled. Before an arrest was made, however, the suspect was rushed to the hospital complaining of chest pains.

A Conway police officer observed a silver van traveling 50 mph in a 35 mph zone on South German. The officer followed the vehicle, turned on his lights and attempted to pull the driver over to issue a citation. Instead of stopping, the vehicle continued, causing the officer to turn on his siren. The vehicle sped up, reaching speeds of 66 mph.

When the vehicle reached Sturgis Road, it was driving at about 87 mph. It slowed down at a residence on Sturgis Road, and the driver's door opened. The vehicle drove through the front yard, through the side yard and into the back yard before becoming stuck. The driver left the vehicle, ran around the other side of the house and his under a table in the driveway. The officer pulled his taser and ordered him out from under the table. At that point, the suspect complied and was placed into custody.

When the second officer arrived, he took control of the suspect while the first officer went back to the vehicle. He found another man with his hands on the vehicle. He said he was the passenger and had tried to get the suspect to stop. He said they had both been drinking but the suspect told him he "wasn't going back to jail" when he sped up.

Both men had outstanding warrants and were arrested, but the first suspect complained of chest pains and was transported to Conway Regional. Following his treatment, the subject was transported back to jail.