A woman received injuries after four other women forced their way into her home and began fighting with her.

Conway police officers were called to Centennial Valley Apartments in relation to a disturbance involving a resident. A woman told police that a former friend who she had a falling out with had come to her door. When she opened it, all four women burst into the apartment and began to strike her with their fists. A friend of the woman and a neighbor were able to separate them.

The women left the property, but a short time later they returned, breaking the door frame in the process. This time the women pulled out some of the first woman's hair and gave her a bruise on her forehead. Police also observed scuffed skin consistent with wrestling or struggling. Once again, the neighbor broke up the fight, and the women left.

Leading up to the fight, the woman said she had been getting harassing texts and Facebook and Twitter posts from her former friend.

The door frame was split, and wood of the door jamb was cracked and broken. Management of the apartment said the door would be fixed that night.