View the gallery of the contestants here.

This year's Stuck on a Truck contestants are:

Brandon Curtis, 28, of Conway

Johnny Tipton, 38, of Cabot

Chris Brynell, 27, of Cabot

Billy Brown, 45, of Greenbrier

Stephanie Henson, 31, of Maumelle

Melissa Wyles, 35, of Conway

Ginger King, 23, of Beebe

Mo Skelton, 35, of Conway

Matt Grissom, 23, of Conway

Charlie Wagner, 20, of Conway

Elizabeth Reynolds, 39, of Vilonia

Steven Howard, 40, of Clinton

Amy Fletcher, 20, of Conway

Jason Beck, 27, of Hensley

Keri Davidson, 34, of Guy

Renee' McGhee, 48, of Oppelo

Ronald Upson, 35, of Cabot

Brian Root, 54, of Hot Springs

Luke Martin, 24, of Conway

Jumbo Cauthen, 35, of Atkins

Kayla Scott, 21, of Conway

Lucas Law, 37, of Conway

Jason Hocott, 27, of Conway

Russell Dorsey, 23, of Conway

Steven Calhoun, 20, of Conway

Stuck on a Truck, a contest sponsored by Centennial Bank, coincides with Toad Suck Daze in Conway.

Contestants attempt to outlast each other by keeping their hands on a Ford pickup truck. The last one standing drives the truck home.

The contest begins Thursday, May 3.