A noise complaint turned into a defiant club manager and an arrest for disorderly conduct.

Early Sunday morning, Conway police responded to a complaint of loud noise coming from a private club. The officers went to residence who made the complaint and heard large bass sounds coming from the club. When the officer arrived at the club, he could hear loud screaming and talking coming from the patio area as well as loud bass noises coming from inside.

The officer made contact with an employee inside and asked to speak with the manager. He was guided outside to tell the manager that there were complaints about the noise. He then went back inside and told the DJ to turn the music off, which he did. The officer then went back outside to look for the manager, but he was nowhere to be found.

After coming back inside and asking an employee where the manager was, the manager came back and told the DJ to turn the music back on. He then headed for the kitchen while the music came back on.

The officer then asked for the manager's driver's license, and the manager told the officer to wait outside while he retrieved it from his office. The officer told the manager to stay put. When the manager continued to walk away, he was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct. At this point, the manager stated it was a private club and the officer needed a warrant. He also said he was having a meeting with the mayor and the police chief and he would bring it to their attention.