A man jumped from a moving vehicle after having a verbal altercation with the driver, Conway police reported.

On Thursday morning, police responded to a man lying in the roadway at Harkrider Street. The driver of the vehicle said he jumped out after arguing with her, and he rolled and stopped on his stomach. She pulled over immediately and got a fellow driver to call police.

When police arrived, a woman was kneeling over him while the driver was a few feet away.

The driver told police that the man had been upset with his recent dealings with police over child support. He began arguing with the driver and said, "I'm gonna jump out of the car." The driver said he had threatened to do it in the past, but she slowed down the car to be safe. Once the car slowed to about 15-20 mph, he pushed the passenger door open and jump out. She said she watched him roll once or twice, and she immediately stopped the car.

The woman in the car behind them called 911. She began to check on him because she was a nurse. She stayed with him until MEMS arrived and transported him to Conway Regional Medical Center.