Only true Arkansas toads are allowed to compete in the Annual World Championship Toad Races during Toad Suck Daze.

So it’s a challenge for youngsters and accompanying grown ups to search creeks and streams after dark.

You might spot the intrepid toad hunters, carrying flashlights and cardboard boxes, specially outfitted for keeping those special toads fit for the series of races that highlight the annual Toad Suck Daze races in the Toad Dome.

Once gathered, the successful hunters drop off their toads at the Chamber of Commerce office during business hours where the toads are happily ensconced in Toad Condos. Information about bounties paid will be forthcoming.

Last year’s weather was not as conducive to toad hunting as in years past, but once the word went out and Toad Con III was declared, the hunters were successful at rounding up enough toads to keep the races going.

A popular spot for successful toad procurement is Tucker Creek Walking Trail, beginning where it intersects with Salem Road.