A gun cleaning turned into a finger getting shot and a duplex wall being damaged.

Conway police responded to the Conway Regional Medical Center emergency room in response to a report of an accidental shooting. When they arrived, they made contact with a man who told them he was cleaning his 40-caliber pistol. When he was done, he began to reload it.

He stated that he had the slide locked back and was placing a magazine it it. He then pushed the release for the slide, and when it returned, the gun discharged, injuring the man's finger.

The left index finger had been shot with the tip of the finger being severely damaged. The man told the police that the bullet went through the wall and into the duplex next door. Although police could make contact with the resident of the duplex, a neighbor who had seen the damage reported that the bullet went through the wall and into a closet door.

No further action was taken.