Courtesy of KATV

CONWAY – A teenager is being called a hero by the family he protected from armed intruders early Monday morning.

Brady, 14, is a trained trap shooter who used his own shotgun to intimidate two black males who he says broke into his family's house just after midnight Monday morning.

"They both had silver revolvers pointed at me, and we just kind of pointed at each other for like three seconds and then I yelled, ‘Hey!'" said Brady, "And they and they took off running."

Nothing has been reported stolen from their house.

The full names of Brady's family are being concealed for safety purposes.

Less than 24 hours after the incident, Brady says he is slightly shaken up although he kept his cool during the tense few moments.

"It's pretty scary to be like looking death in the face and you realize how vulnerable you are all the time," he said.

His proud mother says while he is definitely young he's already shown more courage than most grown men.

"You always tell your kids don't touch guns, you know, they could hurt someone," said Angela," but if you actually teach your kids good gun safety to begin with, and they grow up around guns or grow up knowing how to use them they could save your life."

Brady has been training with guns since he was 5 and has been practicing with his own shotgun for two months.

"I'm proud of him," said Angela. "He's my hero."

She's already taking steps to make sure other unwelcome guests don't make it into the house. The locks have been changed and the security system has been upgraded.

"You name it we are doing it," she said. "So if they ever come back they're going to wish they hadn't of because we will catch them in the act."

Thanks to the quick thinking of her son, he did away with the first batch of what could be many criminals to come.

"He wants to be agent one of these days," Angela said, "so I guess he's starting young."