It looks like we may have quite a few new restaurants downtown before you know it.

A week or two ago I mentioned the debut of Milano’s at Markham and Garland Streets. New to Markham Street at Mill Street (the former location of Tiffany’s) is Adelita’s Mexican Restaurant.

Before you throw your hands up and say we have enough Mexican restaurants in Conway to feed the U.S. Army, let me note that the owners of Adelita’s consider theirs more of a Tex-Mex style menu. If that makes any difference, keep reading.

Gino Rangel is the owner. I spoke with his brother, Richard Rangel, who said the family has six restaurants, mainly in Texas. Everything is homemade, and one of their most unique and most popular items is a gordita, which is a thick corn tortilla that is deep fried and then sliced open and stuffed with meat or vegetable fillings.

You may have heard that the building at 915 Front St. (let’s just call it the former location of Pia’s) is about to be home to a restaurant again. The Pasta Grill, which has locations in Russellville and Searcy, is going in.

Furthermore, the building at Oak and Court Streets (where A Southern Tradition used to be) will be renovated in the very near future for multiple tenants, and could house a restaurant too, I hear.


Helen Lockhart has opened Red Chaise Designs at 823 Chestnut St. in downtown. Lockhart is an interior designer who is well-known in Conway. I imagine her new location will be a plus for fans of downtown.

I was happy to hear that The Grand on Oak, a boutique/gift shop, will open at the former location of the Rose Cottage. We can expect to see that coming in August, and you can look for more updates later.

In a two-or-three block strip of Oak Street, a lot of moving could take place before long.

Something Blue, as you know, is going out of business, and Kicks Active Wear might move into that space. Another party, which remains unknown to me until the lease is signed, may move into which ever one of those store fronts ends up vacant.

Additionally, Conway Music is for sale. A lot of prospects are reportedly looking for space downtown.

Puzzle of the day

Someone emailed me and asked about construction going on at Backachers Ranch (clever spelling) on College Avenue.

I learned the owner is putting in an event center, stables and an arena, which I thought was pretty interesting. Salter Properties is doing the construction. Unfortunately I did not have the correct spelling for the owner’s name, nor did I have a contact number, and thus I am not going to report it. However, if anyone knows said owner, I invite your contact by email.

Have a good week, everyone.

Rachel Parker Dickerson is a freelance columnist/journalist. Send your questions and comments to