A second ballot error since the beginning of early voting has caused a reprinting of ballots and a chance for five Faulkner County residents to vote again during the early voting period.

The race for constable in the California township between Randy Bowling and Nathan Kelley was left off the ballot for voters living in that area. Five votes have already been cast using incomplete ballots, and Faulkner County Clerk Melinda Reynolds said that new ballots have been printed, the five voters have been contacted, and they will be allowed to cast their votes again.

"There were four votes cast in Greenbrier and one at the library," Reynolds said. "I am allowing those voters to vote again, and we will add them manually to the overall votes on election night."

Reynolds said the entire race was left off the ballot, not just one candidate. She said neither candidate had an advantage over the other.

The latest ballot oversight comes on the heels of another ballot snafu seen on the first day of early voting. The word "Representative" was left off the documents before Republican State Representative Ed Garner's name. He is running for state senate in district 15 and faces Representative David Sanders. Republican officials requested a notice of the error to be sent to anyone who has already received their absentee ballot. Garner said he was told election officials worked throughout the night to redo the electronic voting machines and for any absentee ballots still to be sent out, they will have a sticker including his office. 

Election Day for primary races and non-partisan judges races is May 22.