A dispute over landscaping at a property line located at  360 and 362 block of Old Military Road in Conway resulted in four reports last week and a civil lawsuit.

Officers were dispatched to 362 Old Military Road on Thursday morning in reference to an assault. The homeowner there said she had gone out earlier in the morning to let her dogs out and observed her neighbor standing on her property, where she had just planted flowers. The woman said when she advised the neighbor to "watch out" because she had just planted flowers where she was standing, the neighbor sprayed her in the face with a water hose and pulled a pair of pruning shears out of her back pocket, telling the woman to "come here."

The homeowner at 360 Old Military Road went to the Faulkner County Sheriff's office later the same day to file a report concerning the dispute. She told an officer that she has been a resident of her home for 17 years, and has been taking care of property there for the same amount of time. The woman said that she was mowing her yard one evening when the neighbor came outside and saw her and began "waving her arms aggressively" at the woman. The woman said the next morning, while watering her plants and a hedge row at the property line, the neighbor again came outside and told the woman that she was on private property and that she was going to have her arrested.

A third report filed later in the day says that upon returning from the sheriff's office, the homeowner at 360 Old Military Road discovered that someone had cut down the row of shrubbery that is near the property line. She told the officer the Rose of Sharons there were 20 feet high and in "full bloom."

The fourth report was filed on Saturday by the same woman, who alleged that the neighbor at 362 Old Military Road had cut down more trees, bushes and flowers. She told the officer that she has had the property surveyed at her expense, and that though the trees are in fact on her neighbor's property, she was the one to plant them there and has been caring for the property for seventeen years. The woman said she knows the issue is a civil matter but wanted to make the report for her lawsuit.

No further action was taken.