A man who stole a video game from Walmart was found hiding in a Burger King bathroom.

While driving through the Walmart parking lot, a Conway police officer saw a man in a white tank top running through the lot of the store located on Skyline Drive being chased by the loss prevention officer from the store. The officer turned on his lights and signal  and followed the man until he ran up the hill on the north end of the lot.

The man ran into the Motel 6 parking lot, and the officer pursued on foot. After following him through several parking lots, he saw the man enter Burger King. A bystander from inside the restaurant said he saw the man go inside the bathroom.

The officer went into the men's room and opened the first stall. The man was sitting up with his feet on the toilet in order for no one to see his feet. The officer placed him under arrest and took him back to Walmart. After running his name, the man was found to have two felony warrants out on him from West Memphis, one for theft of property and one for residential burglary. 

The man was being chased for taking an X-Box 360 game from the store.

He was taken to the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office and held for West Memphis.