A father of a teenager spoke with police about another teenager harassing him and trespassing on his property.

The man said he had an ongoing problem with a juvenile who had a previous romantic relationship with his daughter. The man told police that the two juveniles had a short romantic relationship, but the man and his wife felt the pair were "moving too fast" and the young couple ended the relationship.

Since that time, the young male has been showing up on the man's property wanting to speak with his daughter. The man has told him repeatedly to not return, but the juvenile has ignored his requests.

The man said that things have escalated to the point where the juvenile will sit across from the house and stare. He will also be in the man's yard several times when the man returns home from work.

The most recent incident came when the man returned home from work to find the juvenile at the house. When he told him to leave the juvenile brushed up and bumped him. The man believed that he was wanting to start a fight but wanting the man to throw the first punch. The juvenile then walked directly to a group of friends and began bragging to them about his encounter.

Police told the man to contact them the next time the juvenile was on the property. The man was also told to contact juvenile courts with any more assistance.