A Conway woman was out a significant chunk of change last week after cashing two forged money orders for her cousin at Centennial Bank.

Two separate money orders totaling $1,200 had been written to one of the women by her uncle as payment towards her car. The woman said she doesn't have a bank account, so she asked her cousin to cash the orders at Centennial Bank.

Four days later, the cousin discovered that her account balance had gone into the negative and contacted the bank to find that the money orders she had cashed were discovered to be forgeries, so the money was withdrawn from her account.

The cousin said she is in the process of working out a repayment of the money to the bank, but wanted a report to document the incident for the bank.

The woman acknowledged to the officer that her cousin's only involvement was in cashing the money order and that she was responsible for the money since she received the cash and spent the money.