Officers were dispatched to Mitchell Street on Monday after an 8-year-old boy who had been left alone to care for his 5-year-old sister walked to a neighbor's house to use the phone.

When the officer arrived at the residence, the children's 17-year-old sister was present. She told the officer that her sister was disabled and was already in bed asleep. She said she had gone to a graduation ceremony earlier in the day, though when she left, her mother was still at the home.

The boy told the officer his mother "left in a hurry" with the little girl's father, but that he did not know how long he had been alone. The boy said he walked to a neighbor's house when he got scared.

The boy told the officers that it was the first time he had been left alone, though the neighbor refuted that claim, saying that he and his sister have been left alone more than once and that the older sister had told the boy to "find a neighbor" when he got scared. She said the boy had used her phone at 9 p.m. to call his mother and advised the officer that sometime in April, the boy had been locked out of the house and was discovered wandering around the neighborhood.

The officer was unable to find the mother and father of the children. A message was left by phone for the mother to contact the police department, but the call was not returned.

The children were left with their older sister and a suspected child abuse form was completed and sent to the Arkansas State Police.