Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• A woman at 850 block of Duwayne Lane accidentally locked herself inside of a bedroom in her home. The officers met the homeowner at the bedroom to get a key to the house, and then attempted to wedge the bedroom door open, but were unsuccessful. Officers removed the doorknob to discover that the internal locking device inside of the doorknob was broken, so officers forced the door open, causing damage. The woman was advised to contact her landlord to inform them of the situation.

• A woman at 955 block of South German Lane reported a theft after she allowed two unknown men entry into her home to use the telephone. The woman said only one man used the phone to call a friend to get "a ride to the store," and once the call was complete, the two left the residence on foot. The woman said after they left, her husband gave her cash, and when she went to get her wallet, she realized it was missing, along with another wallet she had left in a purse next to the phone.

The officer attempted to check the redial on the phone, but the last two numbers dialed were 32 and 35. Also missing from the residence was a laptop computer, a cell phone and a Garmin GPS system. The wallets contained $120 in cash, a debit card and driver’s license and social security cards.

• Two women at 315 block of South Ash Street reported a residential burglary at their home just after midnight on Monday. The women said they had returned from a trip to Walmart and discovered that someone had broken a window at the back of the residence to gain entry into the home. Items reported missing included a bottle of Smirnoff vodka, a leather purse and wallet, a laptop, a camera and miscellaneous tools used for cutting hair.