Sonshine Academy’s Xtreme Dance Force participated in four regional dance competitions in two states between the months of February and May in 2012. Those competitions included DanceMaker’s Inc. in Branson, Kid’s Artistic Revue and StarSystems Talent Competition in Little Rock, and Revolution Talent Competition in Hot Springs.

Lauren Miller received Elite Top and Platinum awards for her musical theater solo "I Can’t Do it Alone", choreographed by Michelle Knell, at all 4 competitions. She placed 1st overall in her age division, at 3 out of 4 competitions and also was the winner of the musical theater category at 3 competitions. At Kid’s Artistic Revue, she won a $50 cash reward, and at DanceMaker’s Inc. she was named 1st runner up Teen Miss Regional Starmaker. Lauren is the daughter of Jamie and April Miller of Greenbrier.

Hannah Tefteller, daughter of Chad and April Tefteller of Conway, was awarded Elite Top and Platinum awards at every competition during the season for her musical theatre performance of "My New Philosophy", which was choreographed by Haley Harmon. She also placed 1st overall at StarSystems, was named a KAR KID ALL STAR at Kid’s Artistic Revue and won two special judge’s awards entitles "Broadway Bound" and "Miss Personality Plus".

Savannah Dubose, daughter of Lisa and Tony Dubose of Conway was given a Platinum and a Top First award for her tap solo "Black Horse and a Cherry Tree," choreographed by Michelle Knell. Savannah also placed 10th overall at StarSystems and won the tap category at Revolution. She was one of the many Sonshine Academy XDF team members who were invited to go to New York as a KAR KID.

Haley Harmon won Platinum and Elite Gold awards this season with her numerous competition pieces such as "Get Happy," "Freak Attack," and "Let Me Fall," all staged by Michelle Knell. However, it was her tap number "Get Happy" that proved to be the most successful. Harmon, daughter of Kevin and Michelle Knell of Conway, won first overall at DanceMaker’s Inc. in Branson, which made her Miss Senior Regional Starmaker 2012. She also won 2nd place overall at StarSystems. She won the tap category at three out of four competitions and the hip-hop category at every competition where she performed her dance. Haley also took home the only senior level full scholarship given for the Kid’s Artistic Revue Dance Convention.

Julia Kramer won a First Place trophy and a Gold award for her tap dance "Sour Cherry," staged by Haley Harmon. She placed 8th overall at StarSystems and placed 9th overall in the Intermediate 15-19 year old solo division at Kid’s Artistic Revue. She also won the tap category at KAR. Julia is the daughter of Zaida and Tim Kramer of Conway.

Haley Harmon and Lauren Miller scored Elite Top First and Platinum at every competition they attended with their performance of "One Moment More," a duo choreographed by Michelle Knell. The girls also won category cup at all four competitions and placed first overall in their age division at three out of four competitions. At DanceMaker’s Inc. they were named senior high score champions, having had the highest scoring dance in the entire senior division, including all duos, trios, small groups, large groups, lines, and productions. The girls took home a $50 cash prize at Kid’s Artistic Revue.

Savannah DuBose and Hannah Tefteller won Top First and Elite Gold awards for their performance of their jazz dance "Let’s Get Loud," choreographed by Michelle Knell. They placed second overall at StarSystems and sixth overall at Revolution, winning the jazz category both times.

"Food Follies," choreographed by Michelle Knell scored Elite Top First, Platinum, and Elite Gold at all competitions. It placed first overall at StarSystems, second overall at DanceMaker’s and Kid’s Artistic Revue, and sixth overall at Revolution. It was also awarded a special judge’s award and won the open category cup at all four competitions. Dancers participating in this number were: Jasmine Cooper, Mary Beth Jones, Makayla King, Lauren Miller, Savannah Dubose, and Hannah Tefteller.

"Forget about the Boy," a musical theater dance staged by Michelle Knell also received Elite Top First, Platinum, and Elite Gold adjudications. It was second overall at StarSystems, placed third overall at Kid’s Artistic Revue and fifth at Revolution. It was named Judge’s Choice at DanceMaker’s Inc. and was category winner at three out of four competitions. All participants of this dance were named Kar All-Star Kids and given invitations to dance in New York City.

Choreographers and teachers who contributed to the success of these competitive dancers were Michelle Knell, Taylor Bell and Haley Harmon. Sonshine Academy of Dance is under the direction of Michelle Knell.