Crime is down over the first quarter of the year, according to Conway Police Chief A.J. Gary.

Gary, who spoke to the Conway Kiwanis Club Wednesday, said that violent crimes are down nearly a third during the first four months of 2012 and property crime is down more than a quarter from 2011. Violent crime was down 28 percent from January to April 2012 as opposed to 2011. Property crime was down 26 percent.

Gary said April did see a small spike from impressive numbers in the first three months, but overall, he said the statistics are good.

"Conway is not the small town it used to be," Gary said. "With three colleges, we are getting to be the size of North Little Rock, and that can put us on the screen for domestic terrorism."

Gary said although crime statistics are down, the number of service calls have gone up. The department has received about 19,000 calls, up 15 percent from a year ago. He said that the newly formed crime suppression unit should be partially credited with the decline. The group is able to see where increases are throughout the city and "attack" that area.

Gary also said that the department pays attention to parolees and where they are located. He said not all people coming out of prison are rehabilitated, and he wants area police to know if a certain person is in their area.

"Within two months, 60 people were released from the state penitentiary, and many of them were released early," he said. "We just want to keep track of what’s going on."

Gary said being vigilant helps the citizens, but it also helps the economy of the city as well.

"Business looking to come to a place like Conway want to know what our crime statistics are," he said. "When they see decreases like these, it definitely helps us gain new business."