A Faulkner County Sheriff's deputy responded to a report of a domestic disturbance at 5 block of Doolittle Lane in Mayflower last week. Upon arrival, the officer made contact with a man who said he was bitten and punctured in the fingertip by a syringe after discovering a woman's "dope rigs" at the residence.

The officer found the woman in a room at the back of the home. She denied having needles, but admitted to biting the man. While in the room, the officer noticed a round mirror sitting on a chest of drawers with a "white powdery residue" on the surface. The woman denied having any knowledge of the substance.

The man pointed the officer to other drug paraphernalia in a drawer, and gave the officer permission to look around the residence. The officer found a box of .38 special bullets and a sawed-off 12-gauge shotgun in a stove at the home. The man said the weapon was his.

In the chest of drawers, the officer discovered multiple plastic bags containing a "white, powdery residue," along with several spoons and rolling papers. The residue tested positive for meth, but no usable quantity was discovered.

The man was transported to Conway Regional Medical Center to have blood drawn and the puncture wound examined before being transported to Unit II and charged with possession of firearms by certain persons and criminal use of a prohibited weapon.

The woman was arrested for domestic battery and transported to FCSO Unit II. Health professionals at Conway Regional advised the jail nurse to take blood from the woman to test for diseases that could have been transferred to the man during the altercation.