A woman at 2 block of Loretta Lane in Greenbrier who was involved in an altercation over tree cutting with an Entergy employee earlier in the month disputed again the clearing of some trees located within the company's right-of-way at her neighbor's property.

A man at 317 Hwy. 285 East in Greenbrier told the officer he was clearing some trees on the Entergy powerline right-of-way and was working on building a fence at his property line when the woman came over to where he was working and began to "scream and curse at him." The man said he believed the woman was unhappy because he had cut down some trees on his property that she claimed shaded her residence in the evening.

The woman told the officer that her "daddy's blood" had paid for the property that she owns and that she felt like the neighbor had "dug up her deceased father and kicked him," because he had cut the trees that shaded her property. The woman told the officer she believed the man cut the trees down "just for spite."

The man was advised of the warrant process and the woman was warned of the possible consequences of further confrontations with the man.