Two women who paid a total of $23,000 via Money Gram and Western Union to a seller on Craigslist for the purchase of livestock filed a report last week after they said the livestock and equipment were not delivered as agreed upon.

One of the women said she initially contacted the seller in March, when an agreement was made for three trailer loads containing 70-head of livestock — ponies, mules, cattle, sheep, zebras and camels — to be delivered to Texas on April 26. As of last week, that shipment had not arrived.

The woman said she found an ad for ducks posted by the seller on Craigslist under the Little Rock area "Farm and Ranch" section. The ad stated the ducks were located in Damascus and the phone number was the same number that both of the women had obtained from the seller.

The woman told the officer she had filed a report in Texas, but was advised to also contact the Faulkner County Sheriff's Department.