Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

Officers were dispatched to 2200 block of Washington Avenue on Thursday to do a welfare check on a baby after an anonymous caller reported neglect.

Officers were met at the door by the father of the baby, who allowed them inside to check on the child. The baby was found in a crib in a bedroom at the apartment. According to the report, the ground was covered in clothes, food pieces, cigarette butts, several used diapers and numerous flies. Inside of the crib was an empty bottle and play toys and a blanket.

The officer said it appeared the baby’s diaper was very soiled and had not been changed for some time. The father carried the baby into the living room area upon the officer’s request to change the baby’s diaper. While in the living room, the officer noticed the baby had a "heavy" diaper rash and also noted cigarette butts lying on the table, under the chairs, on the sofa and television and in other areas of the room.

He also observed numerous empty whisky, tequila and beer bottles. While changing the baby, the father called the baby’s mother, who later arrived at the home with her father and told the officers that the couple were being evicted and that the apartment "didn’t usually look like this." The girl’s father stated he had seen the home in both better and worse condition and offered to take the child if DHS decided to remove the child from its parents. The officer made a report with the Child Abuse Hotline and DHS was notified.

A landlord at 2009 block of Caldwell Street reported finding a plastic freezer bag with several pieces of broken, solid, white unknown matter at the residence while cleaning up after a previous tenant vacated the home.

The man said the home had been left in a state of "disarray" with trash lying around and a few pieces of furniture and mattresses left at the residence. The furniture left was "trashed," according to the report and "stunk of a foul odor." The man said he found the plastic bag after opening a set of drawers.

The substance was tested with field test kits and showed a reaction to the opiate test kit. The material was placed into evidence for submission to the Arkansas State Police and information on the former tenants was provided to investigators.

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