Hundreds of votes were not counted during the initial stages of last week’s preferential primary election, possibly because of equipment problems, according to the Faulkner County Election Commission.

The commission will meet at 3 p.m. Tuesday to review all final results and certify last Tuesday’s election, which included nonpartisan judicial races. Commissioners also are expected to review election procedures and address any reports of alleged irregularities or software that was utilized.

An equipment flaw reportedly resulted in 759 votes not being read off ballots. The votes were ultimately found and tabulated, but election officials said the votes did not affect the outcome of any race that was decided before the lost votes were tabulated.

The county clerk’s office reported Wednesday that 10,819 total votes were tabulated, although the secretary of state’s office shows that 11,402 ballots were cast.

This was the first election featuring three new early voting locations in the county, a process election officials said they will continue with the general election in November.

Commissioners said they were disappointed in the overall voter turnout.

The Election Commission issued the following statement:

"It is the sincere hope of the [commission] that even more voters will turn out and participate in the general election, as a voter participation rate of 19 percent in a primary election with as many candidates and races as this one is disappointing. Those who choose not to participate in the political process are still bound by the results of the election."

Primary turnout was closer to 18 percent, according to one set of numbers.

Frank Shaw, a Conway attorney, is commission chairman.