The Conway City Council will take some time to consider an easement agreement with The Village at Hendrix. The council tabled an ordinance that would have completed the transaction last week.

The Watershed area owned by The Village is being given the benefit of use by the city including walkways, footbridges and other walking and biking paths. Officials with The Village have said the space is to be a public park enjoyed by the entire community.

Aldermen agreed 7-0 to table the issue until the next council meeting.

In other business, the council approved a request by the Hearts On Fire group within the Conway Fire Department to paint Engine 8 pink in observance of cancer awareness. Conway Firefighter Mark McIntyre told the council that Engine 8 was one of the older models and will be out of service in a few years.

He said he was unaware of any other fire departments with a pink fire truck, and although the color pink is usually connected to breast cancer, the group wants the color to represent all types of cancer. The color purple is associated with more general cancer, but the council agreed that people may think it is associated with the school colors of the University of Central Arkansas.

The council also tabled a request by Cresthaven Property Owners Association to use Water District Improvement funds for improvements to Mill Pond Road. The council agreed that more residents in the area need to be contacted about the proposal before they will agree to it.