Duty calls them. We salute the Honor Guard of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2259. These fellows who are getting on up in age serve at funerals of ex-servicemen and at patriotic gatherings. Yes, the occasions are solemn, and we thank these veterans who perform the functions voluntarily

Put it to rest. They have been labeled birthers, the assorted people who insist that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States and is not a citizen. Now Donald Trump has joined the shrilling. Whatever your opinion of Obama, it has been proven conclusively that he is a Hawaii-born citizen.

Another necessity. Sewage treatment plants are not sexy. No way about it. But the ground-breaking for Conway’s new facility on Tupelo Bayou is a significant step forward. Maybe, just maybe, all the tired old jokes about Stone Dam Creek will fade away.

A prospect for the future. In telling of that new sewer plant, reporter Becky Harris mentioned that plans are to use gas generated for operation of the treatment process and perhaps at a later date for "power regeneration." This is one more indicator that science holds the answer to our growing fuel demands.

Who is the boss? A head scratcher of the week is that Beebe million-dollar lottery ticket case. The judge has ordered a new trial after he made a decision because, he says, a lawyer has been bad-mouthing him about it. If our daily lives turn on lawyer remarks, then we’re all in trouble.

Quick action. One of the positive results of the recent primary election is that nearly all the candidates’ signs that proliferated like weeds were gone a couple of days later. Yes, a few are still up but not many. It’s a law that the signs be promptly removed, and most people involved are complying.

"It is important for us to remember that their sacrifice is the reason we can come to this courthouse to vote. It is the reason we can send our children to school. What we need to do to truly honor them is to talk about them with everyone after this day is over."

— State Rep. Linda Tyler of Conway

on Memorial Day.