We told you so.

Remember those words if you live in Smoking Oaks, Bellemeade or near Conway High School, and do nothing to oppose the Walmart Neighborhood Market that the city may allow built next to your neighborhood.

The city may allow the rezoning of a residential property, replacing green space with concrete, asphalt and a 40,000-square-foot big box grocery literally next to Pompe Park, Conway High School, the Presbyterian Church and almost in the backyard of some Bellemeade and Smoking Oaks homes. Do you think a Walmart next to a walking trail is smart city planning? If you don’t think Prince Street is crowded enough, consider the hundreds more cars and several more delivery trucks the store will bring to your streets each day when you commute. The store will bring noise and trash pollution and pressure for even more development to crowd these longtime Conway neighborhoods.

Curiously, the public school district and Presbyterian Church have grown quiet in opposing these measures, at least publicly, but this issue is bigger than the interests of just the church and the school.

If you’re opposed and want to get more information on this topic, please attend the Conway Planning Commission meeting Monday, June 4 at the police department. Or better yet, plan to express your opinion to the Conway City Council, which may decide this issue as early as the June 12 meeting. If you wish to speak to your council representative, go to www.cityofconway.org and click the City Council link on the home page.

Phillip Parish


The people who have been stealing from my parents’ old house on East Republican Road in Greenbrier took things that belonged to many of my late family members. I hope you get no good from any of the items you stole.

You broke one of the Ten Commandments, "Thou shalt not steal." Messing with God’s rules is wrong and I hope you feel His wrath for you have caused great pain on our family.

Karen Rorie Taylor