A Vilonia man contacted authorities on Tuesday in fear for his life, claiming his wife had possibly attempted to poison him over a span of two months.

The man reported to sheriff’s deputies that since May, his wife has made several comments about his death and his $100,000 life insurance policy.

The man said his wife has told him that she could “feed someone apple seeds and kill them,” and could get away with it “because apple seeds are untraceable.”

He also said his wife stated that if he died, she would “keep all of the life insurance, the house and the land,” and not pay for his funeral expenses.

The man also claimed the woman had made such statements in front of their two children.

He reported to deputies that in the last two months, he has been experiencing headaches and stomach cramps, but does not have money for medical care, so he “does not know for a fact” if his wife has attempted to poison him.

The man said that recently when his coffee can became low, he went to combine that coffee with a new can, but he was alarmed when he noticed that the old coffee appeared to have a different texture, so he did not combine the two cans of coffee.

The man told deputies that he can neither read nor write, but occasionally signs documents for his wife. The man said in April of 2009, he unknowingly signed a life insurance policy listing his wife as beneficiary instead of his children.

The man was provided with an incident report number and was referred to Victim’s Services to obtain an order of protection against his wife.