A baby was left unattended in a vehicle in the Walmart parking lot for 10 minutes while the mother shopped inside.

With the temperature in the upper-80's, Conway police were dispatched to the Walmart on 1155 Skyline Dr. in reference to a baby left unattended inside a truck. When police arrived on the scene, the baby's mother arrived from the store with grocery bags in her hands.

The woman told police she had gone inside to get some milk. Police looked at video surveillance and found that the woman had entered the store at 7:58 p.m. and came out about 10 minutes later. The truck was not running. The baby was asleep in the back seat of the truck with the bench strap attached to his baby seat.

Police woke the baby up and checked his condition. He appeared fine, alert and in good health. Contact was made with the child's father, who came to the scene annd picked up the child. The mother was transported, cited and jailed at the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office, Unit II.